in the global transition towards sustainable energy systems. With an unwavering dedication to addressing the urgent need for decarbonization, GH2Clean specializes in pioneering solutions that harness the power of green hydrogen to propel us towards a zero-emission future.


we seek to establish a network of green hydrogen production plants, storage facilities, and fueling stations across key regions, facilitating the seamless integration of clean energy solutions into existing infrastructures.

At GH2Clean, we recognize that the shift to green hydrogen is not merely a local or regional endeavor but a global imperative. Our company is deeply committed to playing a pivotal role in this worldwide transition by spearheading initiatives aimed at the design, development, and construction of advanced green hydrogen infrastructure on a global scale.

From our inception, GH2Clean has placed a strong emphasis on collaboration and partnership with stakeholders across continents. By forging strategic alliances with governments, industry leaders, and research institutions worldwide, we aim to leverage collective expertise and resources to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen technology.

Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of any single nation or region. While we are proud to initiate our efforts in California, our vision is firmly anchored in expanding our reach nationally and globally.

The team members at GH2Clean are a diverse group of dedicated professionals with a shared passion for advancing sustainable energy solutions. From experienced engineers and researchers to innovative project managers and skilled technicians, each team member brings unique expertise and a commitment to driving the success of our green hydrogen projects.
Collaboration, creativity, and a strong sense of purpose unite our team as we work together to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.




Ron Chevalier brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in the oil and gas industry to his role as Chief Executive Officer of GH2Clean, LLC. With a profound understanding of process unit operations, safety protocols, and environmental health practices, Ron is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the production of green hydrogen.

Throughout his esteemed career, Ron has consistently demonstrated a steadfast dedication to operational excellence and environmental stewardship. His extensive experience spans various facets of the industry, providing him with a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the energy sector.

Prior to assuming his role at GH2Clean, Ron held key leadership positions where he spearheaded initiatives focused on enhancing efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, and fostering a culture of safety. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen have earned him a reputation for delivering results while upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

Ron's passion for sustainability and his unwavering commitment to driving positive change make him ideally suited to lead GH2Clean into a new era of clean energy production. Under his guidance, GH2Clean is poised to become a leading provider of green hydrogen, revolutionizing the way we power our world while preserving our planet for future generations.

Ron holds a Bachelor's degree Specializing in Entrepreneurship, and holds an MBA in Management from American InterContinental University and continues to stay at the forefront of industry trends through ongoing education and professional development. He is deeply invested in fostering collaboration and innovation within the energy sector, forging partnerships that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

As CEO of GH2Clean, Ron Chevalier is dedicated to realizing the company's vision of delivering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet the demands of today but also pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. His leadership inspires confidence among stakeholders and employees alike, driving GH2Clean towards unprecedented success in the pursuit of a more sustainable world.



Ebere is the Vice President, Contracts, of GH2Clean.

Prior to this role, she was an Associate Director with ZKJ Energy Partners Limited, where she played a vital role in project development and structuring privately financed energy infrastructure projects.

She has assisted corporate investors and government institutions in Nigeria contributing to the end-to-end execution of energy and infrastructure projects of over 4.5GW capacity.

Some notable projects include Feasibility Studies on Electricity Trading in the West African Power Pool; commercial structuring for 120MW Fast Power Project, Nigeria, project development of 50MW MEPP LNG to power project, Nigeria, and the ongoing development 1350MW Abuja IPP project, Nigeria.

Her technical experience spans origination, project finance, technical and commercial feasibility studies, transactions advisory, project management, due diligence, business case and financial model analysis.

Ebere earned an MSc. in Energy, Trade, and Finance from Bayes Business School, London, an Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (Nigeria), and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (Nigeria).